We listen to dokters, nurses, hospitals and all other problem owners regarding basic medical technologies that are needed in low and middle income countries.


We bring together problem owners, users, designers, engineers and enthusiasts so we can discover or (re)design devices that provide a robust solution.


We want to find financially sustainable ways to produce and distribute the medical devices that have been co-created, tested and are market ready.

Of all medical devices in low income countries, 40% are out of service.

Open source innovation based on needs

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Low income countries receive up to 80% of their medical devices as donations. Mostly these devices have been used before. Of all medical devices in low income countries 40% are out of service, some devices arrived dead and others died soon after they were put to use.

The availability of basic medical devices should not depend on the GDP of a country. Doctors and patients in these areas deserve basic medical technology that works.

We believe that proven medical principles, that have been used in practice for decades and yet remain unavailable to many hospitals around the globe, can be recreated by the open source community so that it actually functions in less developed environments.

How we plan to do this.

We are building a network of medical professionals that work or have worked in low and middle income countries. For this network we are creating an online environment where (technological) problems are shared and where feedback can be given on concepts and solutions.
In the mean time we will be taking common problems to the maker community, that will transfer concepts into reality and generate prototypes that can be tested.


You can join us!

Please contact us at